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Android FAQs

Explain a little about Android app development.

The process of developing software apps especially made to run on hardware that runs the Android operating system is known as Android app development. In order to create useful and intuitive applications for smartphones, tablets, and other Android-powered devices, entails developing code and creating user interfaces.


What could be the price of an Android application development?

The price of creating an Android app can vary significantly based on the features, design, complexity, and rates of the development team. While complicated apps with significant features might cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, simpler apps can just cost a few thousand dollars.


Which programming languages are frequently employed in the creation of Android applications?

The two most popular programming languages for creating Android apps are Java and Kotlin. Although Java has historically been widely used, Kotlin has gained popularity as a more cutting-edge and developer-friendly substitute.


How does Liquid Technologies use Android app development to benefit the retail industry?

Liquid Technologies aims to develop immersive shopping experiences in the retail space by enhancing the in-store purchasing experience with features like secure payment processing and simple navigation.



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