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Flutter FAQs

What does Flutter’s “hot reload” mean?

Flutter has a feature called “hot reload” that lets developers view code changes in the app right away without having to restart it. This feature expedites the process of development.


Is there anything that Flutter cannot do?

Despite its flexibility, Flutter might have drawbacks, such as support for third-party libraries and the requirement for native modules in some circumstances. The Flutter community does, however, actively work to overcome these constraints.


Are there any limitations to using Flutter?

While Flutter is versatile, it may have limitations in terms of third-party library support and the need for native modules in specific cases. However, the Flutter community actively addresses these limitations.


Which programming language is utilized by Flutter?

Dart is the main programming language used by Flutter. Another language created by Google is called Dart, and it is well-known for its quick speed and simplicity of learning.


What makes Flutter a better option for developing apps?

A single codebase for several platforms, a large selection of pre-designed widgets, high-performance rendering, and a vibrant developer community are just a few benefits that come with using Flutter.



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