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Hybrid vs Native App Development

Application Development is an ever-growing industry. The ease with which the Mobile Apps have created has led to an increase in the frameworks and technology spurring its growth with the need going up, so has the number of App Developers and App Companies. Now with multiple Technology Platforms and Companies, you need to be precise on what you want to get out of your Mobile App and decide on which platform you need to use for your App Development. Among the Common, Mobile App Development Technologies is Hybrid App Development and Native App Development.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App development gives you the option of using the same code base on multiple platforms. Meaning the same App will be compatible with various platforms like iOS and Android. Hybrid Apps are a combination of technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Apps

The most significant advantages that will persuade you in using the of the Hybrid Apps:

  • It’s not platform-specific. This can lead to getting an increased number of users, as it will be compatible with their devices.
  • The resources that will be needed to develop a Hybrid App are mostly working on open-source technologies since it is based on a single code base, making the development process, cheaper and faster than most Native mobile apps.

Along with these Pros of a Hybrid App, it comes with its own set of disadvantages:

  • It lacks the polish and the feeling that you get in a Native App, as it is to be made compatible with multiple versions of operating systems.
  • With Hybrid Development, the ease of using a mobile’s hardware also lacks putting it in a disadvantaged position compared to the Native App.

Hybrid App Developers

Native Apps are platform-specific. An Application developed for Android will not be compatible with iOS devices and vice versa. This technology is viable if you know the entire scope and benefits you need from your Mobile App. Native App developers works on their respective code bases and minimal knowledge is transferred across the platforms.

Pros and Cons of Native Apps

This is what Native Apps have to offer for its users:

  • Native Apps provides a pleasant user experience, coupled with performance enhancements, as they use the low lying code of the operating system, to enhance the speed, performance, and User Interface.
  • Native Apps allow you to use the features and functions that are made available by the hardware of the mobile app. It can use features like the camera, GPS, Gyro meter, etc. are way better than the Hybrid App.

Having said that Native Apps have their own complications:

  • Native Apps cannot run across platforms, despite providing quality user experience to its user, it will also miss out on some of the consumers.
  • A Native App development process requires a lot of precision and time to finish. It needs specific and Expert Developers to develop, along with a much extended period than the Hybrid App since it lacks the open-source libraries available to Hybrid Apps.

Native App Developers

Native App Developers dictate, how efficient the apps will be, Despite the challenges of the technologies. Some notable examples for Native Apps are Bloomberg mobile app (Click to Download) and Quranic App like Quran for Android (Click to Download), Islam 360 (Click to Download), Quran Urdu (Click to Download), and many others are a testimony of the efforts Put in by the Developers

Which one to go for

Both Hybrid Apps and Native App have their pros and cons, so its horses for courses approach. You should adopt, whichever technology you find feasible for your business needs and development team. If you require a fully functional, speedy, secure mobile app, with less preference to it being low cost, which would not require switching to different platforms, a Native App will be the way to go. Similarly, if you need a Mobile App in a short time frame and low cost, with wanting it to run on several platforms, and you are willing to sacrifice a small amount of user experience for it, a Hybrid App is the way to go.

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