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Data Warehousing

Use Cases

Client (confidential)

An early wage access platform (YC’21) allowing salaried employees to draw down a percentage of their accrued salary before the next payroll cycle. Helping employees to avoid late payment fee on bills, access emergency cash and substitute expensive debt.

Problem Statement: Un-optimal strategic information-delivery

With the passage of time, as more businesses and customers were signing on, ABHI’s master and transactional data that is generated through its Customers (employer network and employees) was increasing at a pace faster than their BI and data teams could handle. With data dimensions and sources increasing, business users had to pass data through various sets of hands and system to be useful for decision making.


Implement solution utilizing the available technology stack
Our service included creating a business DWH that should support all business reporting and dashboarding for ABHI.
Create cloud based database integrations to be able to ingest data from transactional data stores and applications so that it can be used for analytics and comprehension
Used: AWS, Snowflake and Power BI and to be able to produce avant-garde dashboards