Procheck Data - Liquid Technologies

Procheck is an IOT based SaaS platforms pioneering the Industry 4.0 transformation for manufacturers through better usage of data. The company allows manufacturers to make better decisions through real-time insights and reports, error alerts, KPI measurement and predictive analytics.


Procheck needed to build an MVP for pitching to clients and later on to build that into a scalable product with multiple feature built using cutting edge technologies.


Liquid built Power BI dashboards and analytical reporting solutions that provide real-time insights of factory floor operations. We also provided AACT and other various public data sets on the Snowflake Data Sharing Platform
to Roche Pharma.

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us.

Saim Siddiqui, CEO

We had a pretty detailed process and everything they delivered was on time and on spec. It was worthwhile to work with them.