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ProCheck is a state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) based platform that offers a wide range of cutting-edge features to help businesses effectively manage their operations. Real-time visibility into operations, advanced data analytics, and digital twins is available based on a comprehensive suite of products, including top-of-the-line software, hardware, and cloud integration. These features help businesses safeguard their reputation, optimize their supply chain, minimize productivity losses, and ensure the efficient monitoring of remote plants.


Procheck recognized the importance of developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to showcase to potential clients. Their goal was to create a platform that not only met their client’s needs but also utilized cutting-edge technologies to provide a superior user experience. This MVP would serve as the foundation for a larger, more robust product that would incorporate additional features, making it a scalable solution that could evolve to meet the needs of its growing user base.


Liquid developed highly advanced Power BI dashboards and analytical reporting solutions that effectively deliver real-time insights into factory floor operations. These high-tech reporting solutions provide detailed and accurate information, enabling businesses to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, Liquid played a significant role in delivering public data sets, including the AACT data set, on the Snowflake Data Sharing Platform to Roche Pharma.

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us.

Saim Siddiqui, CEO

We had a pretty detailed process and everything they delivered was on time and on spec. It was worthwhile to work with them.