Auto Cheque Verification System

The issue of counterfeit cheques has persisted within the financial industry. To combat this problem, Liquid Technologies has developed an innovative AI-based system for cheque verification. This cutting-edge technology utilizes a UV scanner to identify any irregularities in the cheque and then classifies it into one of three categories: verified, soiled, or fake. By implementing this advanced system, we aim to enhance the security and integrity of the financial industry.


Our AI-Based Technology

Our in-house AI-based technology incorporates a sophisticated multilayered algorithm that effectively verifies cheques. The process begins with a UV scanner that captures images of the cheque and transfers them to the Deep Learning-based UV detection model, which performs a comprehensive analysis to determine the status of the UV layer. Based on this analysis, the cheque classifies as either active, soiled, or inactive. The program then conducts an image scan to identify the client’s logo and other relevant cheque details, resulting in a final confirmation of the cheque’s validity. The outcome is a downloadable PDF copy of the verified cheque, ensuring its authenticity and security.


The Process

Scan Cheque

Enter Cheque Into Scanner


View Cheque

View Cheque on Screen



Send Cheque Images for Validation



Server Classifies Cheques



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