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At Liquid Technologies, we’re paving the way for the future of data engineering. Our teams offer tailored solutions to help you make informed, data-driven decisions and deliver personalized experiences to your customers. From data integration and management to analytics and reporting, we have the expertise to help you turn your data into a valuable asset. Contact us today to learn more about how our data engineering services can transform your business.

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Do you want to transform your data into your enterprise’s most valuable asset? Our team of subject-matter experts can assist you in enabling data-centric transformation, designing modern data analytic architecture, and delivering scalable value. Equipped with proven methods and cutting-edge technologies, we unlock more value in even the largest and most complex data analytic environments worldwide. Let us help you unleash the power of your data. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Multi KPI Machine Learning product using VMS for Object Detection, ANPR, Intrusion Detection, and Gun Detection.

Cheque Defense

Seamless risk-free fraud detection solutions designed exclusively for the Banking industry’s specific needs.


Our recommendation engine, powered by AI, is suitable for E-commerce, supply chain, and logistics platforms.

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Analytics – Use Cases (delivered)


Ebco is a global superstore for groceries and home necessities. Ebco wanted to create an online E-Commerce Mobile App to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience; Liquid partnered with Ebco to build the app and a recommendation engine for customer buying patterns.


  • Not using data analytics & Stock costs were high.
  • Relationship-based buying leads to cash flow losses.
  • Massive data loss due to incorrect tagging.


  • Massive data cleansing.
  • Data warehousing.
  • Data integration with our servers.
  • Implementation strategies to highlight their shelving needs based on higher margin brands.
  • Implementation of purchasing workflows to stop over-purchasing.
  • Check & alerts to reorder stock and the quantity required.

Data Warehousing – Use Cases (Under Delivery)

Client (confidential)

An early wage access platform (YC’21) that allows salaried employees to draw a percentage of their accrued salary before the next payroll cycle. Helping employees avoid late payment fees on bills, access emergency cash and substitute expensive debt.

Problem Statement: Un-optimal strategic information-delivery

With time, as more businesses and customers were signing on, ABHI’s master and transactional data generated through its Customers (employer network and employees) was increasing at a pace faster than their BI and data teams could handle. With data dimensions and sources increasing, business users had to pass data through various sets of hands and systems to be useful for decision-making.


We are implementing a solution utilizing the available technology stack. Our services include creating a DWH that should support business reporting and dashboarding needs for ABHI and creating cloud-based database integrations able to ingest data from transactional data stores and applications to be used for analytics and comprehension.

Tech Stack Used: AWS, Snowflake, and Power BI

Analytics – Use Cases

Garner Corp

A software solutions company (complex logistics SME) that works closely with supply chain companies, unlocking visibility into complex supply chains and forecasting through their logistics integration software


  • Liquid carried complete revamp of their 60+ Bl reports
  • Adding intuitive input controls, prompts, slicers and filters to Garner’s client reports
  • Improved Layouts and carried out aesthetic improvements.

Check Defence – Case Study

Liquid Technologies is offering “Digital Cheque Verification” solutions to help you reduce the risk of cheque fraud. Our solution is uniquely designed for banks to provide a more efficient and risk-free process, reducing turn-around time and the requirement for manual cheque verification.


National Bank: Deployed at the edge for teller’s convenience and avoid fraud

Product Features

  • Cheque Identification and Counterfeit Cheque Protection.
  • User Request Classifications (Fake Cheques, Soiled Cheques and more )
  • Digital Storage of Data for auditing or future referencing.
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Reports and Alerts

Analytics – Use Cases (Pharma)


Procheck is an IOT based SaaS platforms pioneering the Industry 4.0 transformation for manufacturers through better usage of data. The company allows manufacturers to make better decisions through real-time insights and reports, error alerts, KPI measurement and predictive analytics.


Procheck needed to build an MVP for pitching to clients and later on to build that into a scalable product with multiple feature built using cutting edge technologies.


Liquid built Power BI dashboards and analytical reporting solutions that provide real-time insights of factory floor operations. We also provided AACT and other various public data sets on the Snowflake Data Sharing Platform
to Roche Pharma.

Analytics – Use Cases (delivered)

Digital Apparel: Provided meaningful insights through dashboards and reports to their procurement, inventory, production and sales segments


Liquid was hired to create a central reporting structure for Digital Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. (DAL)- it has been in the business of manufacturing fashion apparel for Men, Women and Children since 1986. However, their reporting needs were unmet.


We digitized the reporting for Production planning, Procurement, Sales, Forecasting and inventory and in the meanwhile built a robust Central Data Management System for all Reporting needs.
We helped reduce # of hours spent on production floor, validating manual reports and going through tedious calling activities by Adding Robotic Automation to Late deliveries.


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