TGS - Liquid Technologies

Trans-Global Solutions (TGS) is a leading service provider of transportation, comprehensive railroad, and heavy civil construction services. Their expertise lies in terminal development & operations, earthwork, track inspection, locomotive leasing, 3rd party switching, and other allied areas.

They reached out to Liquid Technologies for Web and Mobile App Development along with a fully functional H.R portal. Their primary concern was to bring their critical data and applications in-house and move away from dependency on third-party apps to access their data.

Product Journey

Our Solutions

Our team at Liquid Technologies, after thoroughly documenting all the requirements and processes of TGS developed an internal employee portal that functioned as a web application and mirrored it into an iOS and Android mobile App. 

To add value to our business relationship, we deployed our visual analytics “Vidan” to track and monitor their railroad KPIs. This, in turn, helped in automating multiple processes that were previously being managed manually, resulting in cost savings.

Team Size Deployed

  • Architect

  • PM

  • BA

  • Front End Engineers

  • Back End Engineers

  • Devops

  • Data & ML


The software deployed by our team helped TGS cut ties with their third-party application, which was their primary goal. Our project scope helped accommodate all their needs in one place, thereby providing them with a high-quality final product.

TGS has successfully rolled the software out to multiple departments that have received it well. With everything being in-house now, they can proactively track analytics, enabling their employees to implement and manage safety and security protocols.

  • Time Invested : 500+ Hours
  • Team Member allotted : 12
  • Key Results : TGS can now onboard employees seamlessly and track KPIs with the help of Vidan AI, keeping processes lean, efficient, and safe.