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Liquid Technologies is an innovation consultancy, focused on delivery valuable customer experiences through human-centered design and building brands that people love. We work with companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to multi-national corporations.

We partner with companies across the globe to hire, train and manage top tech talent so you don’t have to. Our customized remote hiring solutions offer dedicated resources, dedicated hours per resource, seating, wifi and provision of basic amenities to enable an excellent user experience.



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Human Resource Management can be challenging, here’s why.

Its Time Consuming

Hiring can be a tedious and time consuming process-going through CVs, interviewing 100s of candidates and still not being able to find the perfect fit.

Pulls your focus away

Companies, specially those in the early stages need their leadership to focus on building the product – hiring can be absorbing, often frustrating.

You pay for presence, not for work

Management is tough, you can hire people but telling them what to do is a tedious activity and companies often have staff sitting idle – not their fault, not yours either.

Trial periods don’t exist

Imagine you hired a resource, seemed like a good fit until you find out they’re not what you were looking for you can’t fire them right after hiring them nor get a replacement soon enough.

Why Remote Work is the Future

Beat the talent crunch

There are limitless opportunities to find great talent beyond your geographical location.

Find the perfect match

With a wider talent pool, there’re higher chances to find the best developers skilled with the latest technology and tools.

Access to global talent

Thanks to technology, you can get instant access to thousands of talents with a click of a button.

Multiple perspectives

Hiring remote developers adds diverse perspectives to your team and boost your business exposure to the international market.

How we solve your problems.

We Manage the Tech so you can focus on your business.

We have the top notch inbound agents, outbound agents, graphic designers, and 20 other field specialists ready to be put on your team.

  • Sourcing
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Reviews
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Courses
  • Seminars
  • HR
  • Contracts
  • Payroll
  • Work spaces

If you Fall in one of these Categories, then we can Surely Help you.

Companies that need to extend expertise

Get specialists of any expertise and seniority in a short period of time.

Businesses with tight deadlines

Fit in tight schedule by swiftly boosting your capacity with remote experts.

Startups that need to scale fast

Spend no time on local hires by leveraging an offshore managed team of any size.

Those who need managed offshore IT specialists

Be in charge of the development process, while avoiding administration.

How it works

Tell us what you need for your business

We help you to evaluate what will work for your business

We work with you to design an effective process

We hire and train your remote team

Software Development Team Set-up Process

Gathering requirements

We start by hearing out your requirements, which includes a project descriptions, job descriptions team size, and desired workflow to assemble the right specialists for your project.

Assembling the team

If we have unoccupied specialists in-house you can start work immediately in case we don’t have the desired talent, we do additional hires that can take around 1 month Or if you need experts fast, we have access to a talent pool of our partners that allows us to provide any remote dedicated development team in Ukraine in under a week

Talent selection

Our HR team assesses candidates to learn their background, tech skills, Engish level and soft skills and then selects a best-fit candidate for a final interview with you

Integrating the team

Based on years of practice, we smoothly and painlessly integrate our team into your ongoing project. You can choose the preferred management approach and tools. It is recommended for you to meet with a team in-person by getting them to your office or by taking a trip to us.

The result

Hiring a dedicated software development team in Ukraine, you got the needed specialists under your complete control, just es with your in-house team. The only difference is the team works remotely and we handle all the administration

Why Choose our solution?

Liquid Technologies developer

Communication Efficiency
Data Security
Termination flexibility

In-house developers

Communication Efficiency
Data Security
Termination flexibility

Recruitment agencies

Communication Efficiency
Data Security
Termination flexibility


Communication Efficiency
Data Security
Termination flexibility

Our outsourcing staffing solutions


Having access to a credible and quality talent pool in an emerging market can be difficult and expensive. We give you access to our proprietary Liquid Technologies Staff Talent Network representing the top percentile of talent in the world today


Recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming process. We solve this for you by taking on the role of facilitating your staffing requirements and recruiting top candidates for immediate hiring or final screening by your team


We conduct detailed interviews where we evaluate candidate resumes, portfolios, English language skills, internet connectivity, video and audio call clarity, punctuality and more to ensure you’re only dealing with the absolute best candidates.

Payroll and Contracts

We handle payroll and provide your staff legal contracts that provide you valuable protections such as non-complete agreements, non-disclosure of communications, confidentiality and immunity.

Flexible Infrastructure

If needed we can provide your staff a physical office. These facilities include fiber optic internet with backup redundancy, high performance computer systems, backup power generators and 24/7 IT support services.

Dedicated Account Strategist

Every client is assigned a dedicated account strategist who provides your team leadership, management, supervision, and reporting. This ensures a truly plug-and-play offshore outsourcing experience.

Unlimited Staff Scaling

If you’re interested in scaling your teams with us, our account strategist will provide the process standardization, quality consistency and leadership to ensure that your team succeeds whether your team size is 1 or 500 members.

Unlimited Candidate Replacement

Not happy with one of your staff members? Have no fear. As a standard feature our service, we provide unlimited replacements on any professionals failing to meet your expectations until you are completely satisfied.

Risk Free Billing and Contracts

Upon signing a contract with us your first payment won’t begin until 30 days after your staff starts working for you. We provide complete transparency to reduce your risk and make it easy for you to get started with your team.

Background Checks

We provide background checks on candidates. This includes verification of their resumes, portfolios and conversations with previous employers.


We communicate job offer letters to your hired staff. We ensure staff work in your local organization’s time zone and a clear understanding of their job description and expectations surrounding employment.

Resources you can Hire

Delivery Models

Onsite Support

Scoping, Knowledge Transition, Project Co-ordination,
Onsite, Support Co-ordination

Remote Monitoring

  • Proactive Performance
  • Monitoring, Threshold Alerts
  • Dashboard Reporting

L-1 Support

  • Incident Management, Service
  • Service Desk for Escalations
  • Knowledge Repository

L-2 & L-3 Support

  • Problem Management Change
  •  Management, Capacity
  • Management, Troubleshooting,
  • Performance Management

What makes our Solution stand out

On demand hiring

Hiring tech talent doesn’t have to be a tedious process. We make sure you are connected with a developer you can rely on within the shortest possible time. Ramp-up or ramp-down the team with flexible and affordable terms.

Straightforward payment

While you’re working on growing other aspects of your business, we focus on building your tech team and we cover all the overheads including payroll management and onboarding process at no extra cost.


Enjoy a 14-day trial period to work with your developer. No obligation to work with a developer you don’t like. Within the trial period, you can replace your developer at no extra cost.

Reliable hiring

We work with the top talent. Our developers have proven track record and experience in product building and worked side by side with successful businesses like yours.


Hire a specialized developer and pay their monthly salary while reducing your recruitment expenses by more than 75%. No hidden costs.

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