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PreCheck provides a range of specialized background screening and ongoing monitoring solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations. The application provides users access to a comprehensive platform that offers real-time information, allowing for faster decision-making and shorter turnaround times. By utilizing the technology deployed, healthcare providers can stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and compliance requirements, ensuring that their organization is operating at optimum levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Product Journey

What We have Done

Liquid Technologies collaborated with the PreCheck Team, specifically the Product and IT Teams, to craft a comprehensive product roadmap for their primary Client Management System. Our process included conducting a thorough competitive landscape audit, gathering quantitative user research, and prioritizing experience mapping and enterprise communication design. Based on these insights, we developed the product roadmap and UI/UX. Our skilled web team then translated these designs into high-quality HTML components, complete with animations and reporting capabilities.

Key Clients

Team Size Deployed

  • Architect

  • PM

  • BA

  • Front End Engineers

  • Back End Engineers

  • Devops

  • Data & ML


Liquid Team accomplished a remarkable feat by entirely revolutionizing the internal UX and UI of Precheck, earning them heartfelt expressions of gratitude from both the Design Lead and CEO. Their hard work resulted in an outstanding design overhaul for a multi-billion-dollar company, which undoubtedly ranks as one of their most impressive achievements.

  • Time Invested : 500+ Hours
  • Team Member allotted : 12
  • Key Results : Precheck was able to reduce its TAT across all internal and external processes and our digital transformation services helped provide real-time data to medical health professionals for faster decision making.

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us.

Brian Silver, Director of Client Relations

“I was most impressed by how quickly they were able to propose a design. After the initial product and customer mapping, they had initial proposals back within 1–2 weeks. That was lightning speed from my perspective, so we were very impressed.”