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Designing & Deploying Reporting Solutions
for an Apparel Manufacturer

A Case Study

Digital Apparel: Provided meaningful insights through dashboards and reports to their procurement, inventory, production and sales segments


Digital Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. (DAL), a fashion apparel manufacturer established in 1986, faced a critical issue with their reporting needs. Despite being in the industry for several years, they lacked a centralized reporting structure that could provide the required level of insight into their business operations. To address this concern, DAL sought the expertise of Liquid, a reputable company known for its ability to create effective reporting solutions. Liquid was tasked with developing a centralized reporting structure that could capture and consolidate data from various sources within DAL’s operations.


As a solution provider, we undertook the digitization of reporting processes for several key areas, including production planning, procurement, sales, forecasting, and inventory. Additionally, we took the initiative to develop a centralized data management system to fulfill all reporting requirements comprehensively and efficiently. By incorporating robotic automation to address late deliveries, we substantially reduced the hours previously required for manual report validation and other labor-intensive activities on the production floor. This, not only streamlined the overall process but also resulted in significant time savings and increased productivity.