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Garner Corp

Garner Corp is a highly reputed software solutions company with expertise in complex logistics for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They closely collaborate with supply chain companies to provide logistics integration software that unlocks unprecedented visibility into intricate supply chains. By utilizing its cutting-edge technology, Garner Corp facilitates accurate forecasting and enhances operational efficiency, thus elevating the supply chain industry to new heights.


Garner Corp’s 60+ Business Intelligence (BI) reports underwent a significant overhaul at the hands of our expert resources. New features included intuitive input controls, prompts, slicers, and filters. These features enable Garner’s clients to interact with the reports, manipulate data, and derive valuable insights.

In addition to the functional improvements, Liquid also implemented various aesthetics to the reports, resulting in improved layouts and a more visually appealing appearance. These design enhancements improved user experience, ensuring clients can easily navigate and comprehend the data presented.