Vidan - Liquid Technologies

AI-enabled Video Intelligence Platform With solutions for Security, Access, Safety, Search and Health, Vidan includes people counting, gun detection, fire alerts and improves enterprise security features, enabling dynamic data tagging to increase analytics flexibility.

Product Journey

 What We have Done

Liquid Technologies has developed Vidan which is a machine learning complete compliance solution which can be customized as per the user’s requirement. It collects image data from video feeds in a series of frames. It then analyzes the data based on the pre-configured KPIs and produces output.

Team Size Deployed

  • Architect

  • PM

  • BA

  • Front End Engineers

  • Back End Engineers

  • Devops

  • Data & ML


Liquid Team was able to completely transform the way Vidan’s internal UX and UI worked, with the Design Lead and CEO both specifically thanking the team for their hardwork. It is by far some of the best design work for a multi Billion dollar company that we were able to do.

  • Time Invested : 500+ Hours
  • Team Member allotted : 12
  • Vidan has made it easier for clients
    to monitor safety, efficiency, and
    security of their operations while
    making resource allocation
    much more efficient.