Artificial Intelligence and it’s Efficacies
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Artificial Intelligence and it’s Efficacies

Before delving into how Artificial Intelligence is used in Pakistan, it is important to first understand what exactly Artificial Intelligence (AI) is.

AI, simply put, is the ability of machines or systems to emulate human intelligence and become a suitable substitute for it. Not only do they replicate it perfectly, but they also subsequently improve themselves based on the information they collect. Examples of AI vary from chatbots that institutes use to communicate efficiently with their customers to being used to increase precision in missile technology.

Uses of AI are rapidly increasing as it is constantly evolving. Its impact is taking over all walks of life in the public and private sectors of Pakistan. Some fields where AI is rampantly rising in Pakistan are education, business, finance, law and healthcare.

AI in Enterprise

AI can create an immense amount of value addition to a company by allowing a more comprehensive understanding of the copious amounts of data available and depending on predictions to automate tasks.

It can also help by using transactional data to predict how much a customer will be willing to spend on the company, and can optimize prices based by on customer preferences and behavior.

Businesses are adopting robotic process automations to carry out repetitive tasks. Multiple enterprises are beginning to use machine learning in Pakistan to help make their processes more efficient. Machine Learning is a form of AI that uses algorithms and software applications to predict future outcomes based on historic data. Telenor Pakistan recently organized a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence session, hoping to use AI to optimize network operations, automate customer interactions, and personalize sales and marketing campaigns.

Corporates are integrating this in their CRM platforms and incorporating chatbots into websites and multiple social media platforms to provide immediate service to customers. It is being used abundantly to detect security issues, solve technology issues, gauge internal compliance and reduce production management work. Recently a bank in Pakistan has also incorporated AI for cheque fraud detection with the help of Liquid Technologies.

AI In Education

AI is also being used in the field of education to assist in automatic grading and assessment, to enhance the teaching and learning process at a rapid pace. Over 47% management learning tools will be manifested with AI technology in the next 3 years, according to the eLearning industry. Not only does it benefit students but it also makes the lives of teachers significantly easier. It helps in administrative tasks like setting up curriculums, preparing and checking exams, and coordinating the class schedules.

Moreover, AI helps in global learning by eliminating boundaries and making education accessible 24/7 to everyone all around the world with the help of an internet connection. It also makes learning more personalized for students using AI technology as it adapts to each student’s level of progress and learning capabilities by analyzing their previous performance and tailoring the course to suit them best. It helps these students sharpen their skills and work on their