How Business Intelligence is Disrupting the Retail Industry
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How Business Intelligence is Disrupting the Retail Industry!

Business Intelligence has transformed the way we do business over the years, by dishing out billions of data points from multiple data sources and impacting different industries. From Retail to textile to the hospital industry, BI solution& data analytics has transformed the ability to analyze data in real-time. These tools are helping businesses make intelligent decisions ahead of time, which is used essentially to grow the business through innovative and strategic solutions.

All over the world, the trend has already settled but in Pakistan, businesses are yet to come to realization of the benefits of BI tools and as to how it can take them to the next level.

In the retail industry for example, Businesses have the ability to analyze real- data through analytics accessible to their staff and warehouses as with the statistics available to them, they can improve their management and efficiency, moreover businesses can even improve customer experience and offer customized online and offline services.

Here we’ll give you a small example of how we can improve efficiency with providing automatic Po’s infused with LiqTeq’s advanced AI, that saves your purchaser’s time and lets them order efficiently making sure they do not over-buy certain products.This in turn decreases inventory valuations leading to an increase in cash-flow.

Automatic PO’s benefits start from improving efficiency, reduce error rates, improve delivery time & streamline inventory management. This helps your purchase department to enhance their decision-making capabilities & avoid costly mistakes.

Our BI & data analytics solution is helping businesses throughout the world and helping them make smart strategic decisions.


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