Data-Driven Decision Making In The Pharma Industry
Liquid Technologies is recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023

Liqteq’s BI Restructuring Data-Driven Decision Making In The Pharma Industry

Today’s pharmaceutical companies are large and complex with a critical need for information and data.
How does Business Intelligence (BI) support pharmaceutical enterprises? The answer is simple. Liquid Technologies’ business intelligence solutions go beyond simple enterprise reporting. Our solutions provide the ability to quickly and easily implement Business Intelligence across the enterprise in a simple, practical, and affordable way.

Liquid Technologies’ BI solutions can be used to support strategic, tactical, and operational goals and to establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to objectively measure performance.
Powerful personalized dashboards enable the business user to stay ahead of the most recent information and notify the user immediately when a critical threshold has been crossed. Users can leverage features like slice and dice, drill through, forecasting, and predictive analysis and many other features to analyze, display and share information in an intuitive way using charts, graphs, gauges – all within an environment that easily integrates data from multiple systems and sources.

In one glance you can see the total sales, sales trend by month, sales by therapeutic group, top cities in terms of sales, bottom cities in terms of sales, products with the highest and lowest sales, and many other values and graphs which can easily help you in measuring the performance of your business for any given year.

You can compare year-to-year performance, cumulative growth, profit margins, and other similar stats in an understandable way through which you can identify strong areas in your business, areas to improve, areas in which you have to do more research, products which have more demand, products which have less demand, where and when to increase or decrease supply of a particular product, and similar things through which you can make decisions to take your business to the next level.

If you need a rich, intuitive, easy-to-learn, personalized environment, coupled with robust BI features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started.