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Ebco is a global superstore for groceries and home necessities. Ebco wanted to create an online E-Commerce Mobile App to provide customers a seamless shopping experience; Liquid partnered with Ebco to build the app and a recommendation engine for customer buying patterns.


  • Not using data analytics & Stock costs were high.
  • Relationship based buying leading to cash flow losses.
  • Massive data loss due to incorrect tagging.


  • Massive data cleansing.
  • Data warehousing.
  • Data integration with our servers.
  • Implementation strategies to highlight their shelving needs based on higher margin brands.
  • Implementation of purchasing workflows to stop over purchasing.
  • Check & alerts to reorder stock and the quantity required..

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us.

Rafi Sheikh, Director at Elahee Buksh Group

The attitude, structure, and approach towards the projects and vision regarding our industry were outstanding.We have been able to track all our business data under one roof with ease of access to all info. The mobile app covers a vast variety of our products as has boosted our sales