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Ebco is a prominent retail entity with an extensive network of stores and supermarkets. They partnered with Liquid Technologies to develop a mobile application that streamlines online ordering and product tracking experience for its customers. The collaboration has resulted in an innovative platform that provides a seamless shopping experience, giving customers access to Ebco’s vast selection of products at their fingertips. This digital transformation is an excellent example of how companies are leveraging technology to enhance customer experience.


There were several issues that the company had been facing, all of which were contributing to its overall inefficiency and reduced profitability. Firstly, EBCO was not utilizing data analytics to its fullest potential, meaning they were missing out on valuable insights that could have helped to improve its decision-making processes and overall operations. In addition, stock costs were high, putting an unnecessary strain on the EBCO’s financial resources. Another problem was related to its purchasing practices. They relied heavily on relationship-based buying, leading to cash flow losses. 

Finally, the company suffered a massive data loss due to incorrect tagging, meaning that EBCO could not retrieve valuable information that could have helped them to make better-informed decisions. 


Liquid Technologies offered EBCO a comprehensive set of solutions to help them address their specific needs. Our team conducted a massive data cleansing operation to ensure the accuracy and completeness of EBCO’s data and later designed and established a data warehousing system to facilitate easy access and retrieval of the data. Liquid Technologies also provided data integration services to help EBCO’s servers communicate effectively and optimize their inventory management by implementing purchasing workflows and checks & alerts to reorder stock and prevent over-purchasing. 

Furthermore, Liquid offered implementation strategies to highlight higher-margin brands to help prioritize its shelf space and increase profitability.

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us.

Rafi Sheikh, Director at Elahee Buksh Group

The attitude, structure, and approach towards the projects and vision regarding our industry were outstanding. We have been able to track all our business data under one roof with ease of access to all info. The mobile app covers a vast variety of our products and has boosted our sales.