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MyInvites is an innovative calendar application designed to cater to the busy schedules of modern-day individuals by providing them with a convenient solution for managing their invitations, meetings, and important events. With its advanced features, the MyInvites app allows users to effortlessly scan their invites, and instantly convert them into scheduled events within the app’s calendar. This unique functionality ensures that users stay organized and up-to-date with all their engagements, without missing out on any important events.

Product Journey

What We have Done

MyInvites is an application developed by our internal team to offer a user-friendly solution for managing invitations, meetings, and important events. In today’s fast-paced world, keeping track of important dates, days, and events can be challenging. MyInvites makes it easier to manage your invitation cards by simplifying the process. With this app, users no longer have to fill in details manually as they can scan the invitation cards, and all the relevant details in terms of dates, venue, names, etc will be sent to their calendars automatically. This way, they can avoid missing out on important events and meetings.

One key feature that makes MyInvites a great app is its use of AI. The application is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users to manage their invitations effortlessly.

Team Size Deployed

  • Architect

  • PM

  • BA

  • Front End Engineers

  • Back End Engineers

  • Devops

  • Data & ML


The MyInvites app offers a range of advanced features designed to simplify mundane tasks of managing one’s schedule of important business and private events. By allowing users to effortlessly scan their invites and automatically update the info to the app’s calendar as scheduled events, the app ensures that users never miss out on any important events. This unique functionality helps in organizing schedules and staying up-to-date with their important commitments.

  • Time Invested : 500+ Hours
  • Team Member allotted : 12
  • Key Results : Precheck was able to reduce its TAT across all internal and external processes and our digital transformation services helped provide real-time data to medical health professionals for faster decision making.