Power House - Liquid Technologies

Powerhouse is an innovative sales workforce management application that streamlines and simplifies the workflow process, ensuring smooth and seamless operations. You can enjoy real-time alerts and feedback using Powerhouse, which enables quick and informed decision-making. The app empowers managers to effectively and efficiently monitor leads, track progress, and evaluate resources while allowing the sales team to generate leads, arrange meetings, conduct surveys, and effortlessly transmit data.

Product Journey

What We have Done

Powerhouse entrusted Liquid’s Expert Team with the product roadmap for their Sales Enablement. To accomplish this, we conducted an extensive competitive landscape audit and quantitative user research while prioritizing experience mapping and enterprise communication design. Based on these insights, we created a comprehensive product roadmap and high-fidelity designs. Our Expert Web & Mobile Teams transformed these designs into real-time alerting, messaging, sales meetings, and planning mobile and web platforms. We incorporated real-time maps using the MapBox API, developed a custom messaging platform using Firebase, and designed a scalable backend using NodeJS + Mongo DB.

Team Size Deployed

  • Architect

  • PM

  • BA

  • Front End Engineers

  • Back End Engineers

  • Devops

  • Data & ML


Within a mere 3-month timeframe, we successfully launched the MVP and subsequently delivered the final product as per the proposed schedule. Our app revolutionized the internal team’s planning, mapping, and communication capabilities, surpassing their prior methods. The integration of GPS-enabled mobile devices allowed supervisors to track field agents’ whereabouts in real-time, enhancing their operational efficiency. Our ultimate goal was to optimize the utilization of both the workforce and their vehicles, which we accomplished through the aforementioned features.

  • Time Invested : 500+ Hours
  • Team Member allotted : 12
  • Key Results : Precheck was able to reduce its TAT across all internal and external processes and our digital transformation services helped provide real-time data to medical health professionals for faster decision making.