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Top 4 AI-Powered Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses in 2023

Elon Musk is famously known to have once said that: “Running a start-up is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss.” And in today’s world of cut-throat competition, it wouldn’t be wrong if we modified that quote a bit, to make those shards of glass sharper than ever before. 

Due to the rapid proliferation of technology, coupled with its exponential rate of advancement, the business world as we know it is transforming with every passing year. New tools, improved strategies, and better ways of functioning are popping up at an astonishing speed, and companies that fail to stay updated with these technological developments risk being left behind in the dust.

Digital Marketing is one such arena that has not been left untouched. An effective digital marketing strategy is essential if companies wants to successfully establish their identity and reputation in the online world. And without the support of this fundamental pillar, they continue to operate on shaky, unreliable ground.

With that being said, here are 4 of the latest, most useful AI-powered digital marketing tools of 2023 that firms are employing to their advantage. These tools automate numerous important marketing tasks, performing them in a faster and smarter manner, so that companies can gain a competitive edge.

  1. Jasper.AI: Once referred to as Conversion.AI, this is an advanced AI powered marketing tool that aids businesses in the creation of various forms of written content. Jasper.AI utilizes the GPT-3 model to create text that bears a remarkable similarity to how humans write, and at the same time, is also engaging and compelling.

Social Media Posts, Website Content, Email Copies, Advertisements and other similar forms of content are all generated by Jasper.AI. Its distinguishing feature is that it can come up with content that is rich with value and information, and also surprisingly humanlike in its tone. By balancing these two features, companies can ensure that their writing resonates with their audience, is relatable, and also conveys the required information.

  1. Flick AI: Flick AI is another similar tool that offers a more comprehensive set of benefits relating to Social Media Management. Brainstorming, planning, and writing down of ideas are all facilitated by this tool, which offers a variety of novel ways to create interesting, value-driven content.

Flick AI suggests the optimal combination of hashtags for each post, writes possible captions for each content piece, and helps in transforming lengthier bodies of text into separate, more digestible posts. It is also proficient in post scheduling, offering a user-friendly interface where post order and timings can be set with ease.

As of now, Flick AI is being used by more than ten-thousand different social media managers and content creators. This AI-driven marketing platform plays an important role in increasing post visibility and outreach.

  1. Brandwatch: Brandwatch offers its users two primary benefits, both of which are invaluable. One, it helps them in the creation of a consumer intelligence database. And two, it offers a wide range of social media management services.

It is in the consumer intelligence department that Brandwatch really shines. After analyzing vast quantities of your consumer data, it can come up with actionable, value-driven insights that enable you to make smarter, more well-informed decisions. The inferences that Brandwatch draws from your data play a pivotal role in hel