5 Common Mistakes in UI/UX
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5 Common Mistakes in UI/UX

It is indeed true that one’s role as a UX designer is not limited to just designing a few compelling buttons and creating a visually pleasing layout, but a lot more than that. UX designers have to take a holistic view of the user journey, and use those insights to make their work user-centric in a manner that puts consumers on a frictionless journey from landing on a page to completing the needed conversion.

Here are a few mistakes that many UX designers make which lead to unconverted and unsatisfied users.

Mistake #1: Neglecting the user’s mental model

Many times designers get so obsessed with their own conceptualization of a product that they tend to ignore the user’s mental model. The user’s mental model is developed on the basis of their previous experiences. When there is a mismatch between two models then it leaves the users disappointed in a product. To prevent this from happening the designer must keep the two models in mind when creating a design. The design should be clear and appealing but it should not only appeal to the designer’s taste it must deliver to the user’s needs and expectation of a product.

Mistake #2: Irrelevant Visual Content that interrupts smooth Navigation

The importance of CTA cannot be said enough for making users perform an intended action. However, obstructing the content with unnecessary visual elements will have the opposite effect. For instance, showing a full-page pop-up for subscription before a user could fully acquaint itself with the content will be foolish. This will tarnish the customer’s natural journey, take away the freedom of choice from the users and instead force them to perform a certain action.