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Soundraw Review: AI-Powered Music Creation Tool


For aspiring musicians and artists, Soundraw is the ultimate music production tool to create and enhance music. This state-of-the-art platform employs artificial intelligence to compose high-quality music pieces, and what turns it into a true game changer is that it streamlines the entire production process, making it incredibly easy to optimize and curate musical pieces with the touch of a button.

How Soundraw Editor works

First, it’s important to clarify how Soundraw’s editor doesn’t work. Many first-time users mistakenly believe that the app uses a prompt-based software that generates music compositions when you type in certain instructions. Some also assume that they have the option to upload already existing music, be it their own or another artist’s, which they can then ask Soundraw to mimic.  Both these assumptions are wrong.

How Soundraw Editor operates instead, is by utilizing AI-technology to come up with a list of uniquely generated tracks which match the parameters set by the user, such as genre, mood etc. These original tracks are all created from original samples and sounds which have been fed to Soundraw by its internal team of music developers. Users then have the option to further customize and tinker with these tracks using Soundraw Editor.

Key Features and Benefits

Let us now take a deeper dive into the specific features and benefits that Soundraw offers to users, and how valuable they are.

User-friendly interface

For an AI-powered music production tool, you would expect Soundraw to be a very complex and frustrating app. Fortunately, that is not the case. Soundraw possesses a simplistic, easily navigable interface that allows users to explore a diverse variety of features related to music-composition at their own ease. For musicians and artists, this is an interface that is intuitively understandable, and can be largely used and explored within a very short time span.

AI Music Creation

This is Soundraw’s distinguishing feature. Users can utilize it to create almost any sort of music—and the best part is that they don’t have to have any prior music composing experience. No prior knowledge related to music theory is required either. Users just need to select their desired genre, instrument and tempo, and then voila! Soundraw will compose a fully unique music piece for them.

Compositions can also be further tinkered with and curated by choosing chord progression, melody and other important features. Based on these selections, Soundraw uses its AI technology to fashion a musical-composition that is professional-sounding, fits the chosen parameters, and is entirely unique.